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What is BitDefender?

BitDefender is the creator of one of the industry’s fastest and most effective lines of internationally certified security software, and also winner of the many globally-recognized awards and certifications. Since its inception in 2001, BitDefender has continued to raise the bar and set new standards in proactive threat prevention. Every day, BitDefender protects tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe giving them the peace of mind of knowing that their digital experiences will be secure.


What are products offered by BitDefender?

Depending on your requirement, you can purchase either BitDefender Home/Consumer Products and/or BitDefender Business Solutions. The BitDefender Home Products category offers you BitDefender Antivirus Plus, BitDefender Internet Security, BitDefender Total Security, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac, BitDefender Antivirus for Mac & PC, BitDefender Mobile Security, and BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unices.


The BitDefender Business Solutions offers you to select among BitDefender Client Security, BitDefender Security for Mail Servers, BitDefender Security for Exchange, BitDefender Security for File Servers, BitDefender Security for Samba, BitDefender Security for ISA Servers, BitDefender Security for SharePoint, and BitDefender Business Security Suites.


How is SphuronLabs associated with BitDefender?

SphuronLabs is the only authorized distributor of BitDefender products in Bangladesh.


Is using Antivirus really necessary?

Yes. While you are browsing internet, be it on your PC or your cell phone, or checking emails or even playing online games and/or watching streaming movies, you are always exposed to online threats, i.e. Viruses, Spyware, Malware, Trojans, Spams, hackers. The main purpose of using a good Antivirus and/or Internet Security like BitDefender is to keep you safe from such online threats; thus without a good Antivirus program your PC will quickly become infected with viruses and other undesirable software that may damage the computer, steal your personal information and wreck havoc. This is why the Internet users need to protect themselves by obtaining an effective Antivirus.


I have a crack version of an Antivirus, why should I buy one?

Using a crack version of BitDefender or any Antivirus programs has two very serious risks:

· Once you a replace a Windows system file with the provided crack file, or make some changes at the registry entry, you automatically create a hole in your Operating System. Trojans and hackers are always looking for these system holes, and if they find any in your computer, your antivirus program will no longer be able to protect you.

· All antivirus programs require frequent online updates to work seamlessly; these programs might deliver you with the ‘Registration verification’ tool time to time in the form of product updates, and if you using a fake license key, you will soon find your antivirus program expired, thus leaving you exposed to all the online threats all on a sudden.


Why do I need to use BitDefender?

Trust the global experts. Yes, BitDefender won so many awards in the world that now it is recognized as the top rated Antivirus program among all. (See HERE: http://bitdefender.sphuronlabs.com/awards) BitDefender security products hold the top position in TopTenREVIEWS.com for many years continuously now, along with many other awards and recognitions from AV-test, VB100, VBSpam UK, AV-Comparatives, AV-test Germany, Buy It! UK, PC Utilities UK, MicroMark UK. Besides, using BitDefender is very easy and simple, and it also comes with a great price.


Can I protect my computer with a free version of BitDefender?

Free or evaluation period of BitDefender lasts only 30 (thirty) days but your PC needs to be protected throughout its lifetime, isn’t it? There you get the answer. Also, in case you are using an illegal copy of BitDefender downloaded from other source, this version is not also safe as in regular validation check you will suddenly find your BitDefender program expired – leaving you all exposed in the world of online threats.


Can I run BitDefender in my PC?

You have to ensure the minimum hardware and software requirements of your PC for running BitDefender. You will need a minimum of 800MHz CPU processor, 1 GB RAM, 1.8 GB free hard-disk space, and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP2 for x64), Vista (SP1), Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. More detailed system requirements are provided in the specific product page.


How much does BitDefender cost in Bangladesh?

The price of BitDefender Internet Security starts from BDT 1099. There are many more offers customized for you, please visit our ‘Price & Offers’ page for more.


Do you provide home delivery copy of BitDefender?

YES, contact at http://www.sphuronlabs.com/contact-.html for your order.


Will BitDefender slow down my PC?

Usually, after installing security software, there may appear a slight slowdown of the system, which to a certain degree is normal. If you notice significant slow down the issue can appear from many reasons such as – (a) BitDefender is not the only security program installed on your computer, (b) The minimal system requirements of running BitDefender are not met, or (c) Your hard-disk drives are too fragmented. Please ask for your support with the support hotline.


My Windows XP is a Service Pack 2, how can I get Service Pack 3?

Please be informed that Windows XP Service Pack 2 cannot install BitDefender 2012 products, you have to upgrade it to Window XP Service Pack 3. However, as you have the BitDefender 2012 DVD inserted in your drive, please explore the DVD contents from My Computer. There is a folder named ‘Windows XP Service Pack 3 [32 bit]’, open it and run the program WindowsXP-KB936929-SP3-x86-ENU.exe. Follow the installation instructions; it will upgrade your XP SP2 to XP SP3.


I already have the evaluation period of BitDefender, how can I activate it?

You have to obtain a serial key against your product first (Call SphuronLabs hotline to know how). You can either purchase a new BitDefender 2012 copies from any of retail points, or ask for a email delivery of your desired license key. Activation is then just two clicks away.


What are the pre-requisites before installing BitDefender 2012?

Before and while installing please ensure the followings:

· Make sure your computer meets the minimal system requirements, if not recommended configuration.

· If you are running Windows XP SP2, you have to install Windows XP SP3 for processing the set-up. Please find the required Service Pack 3 installer in the DVD under the folder: ‘Windows XP Service Pack 3’

· Inside the product box, you will have your DVD and another paper containing your license (serial) key, please make sure all the contents are intact.

· Please check if your computer’s date and time is running on current date and time. Correct if not.

· Please ensure you have a working internet connection in your computer, it is mandatory for activating your serial key.

· Total number of activation is highly restricted and limited. Call or mail the support for any clarification.

· Online registration if My Account is mandatory for receiving updates to keep your computer protected.

· Back-up your important data from your Windows drive to any of your local drive in your computer.

· Uninstall existing antivirus program, if any.


I have bought the BitDefender CD, now how do I install it?

There is a Quick Start Guide provided inside your BitDefender box, installing your copy by following the steps in very easy. Once you insert the DVD in your drive, it will automatically run the installation wizard. If the autorun doesn’t open automatically, access your CD/DVD drive from you’re my Computer and double-click on the ‘Autorun.exe’. Please note that, you have to remove any other security programs than BitDefender before you begin the installation.


How do I remove other security products?

You have to uninstall other security programs from your computer Control panel. If you are using Windows XP, click ‘Start’, go to ‘Control Panel’, and double-click ‘Add/Remove Programs’. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, click ‘Start’, go to ‘Control Panel’ and double-click ‘Programs & Features’. Find the name of the program and click ‘Remove’ or ‘Uninstall’. Restart the PC once finished.


BitDefender installation asks for my Email address, why?

There will be a email confirmation delivered to your email address once you complete the installation process. Registering in BitDefender with your email ID will help you creating your BitDefender account online, and control some features remotely. With an online account, you can easily monitor your social network protection updates.


Is there anything to check after completing my installation?

The installation is self-running, thus it will automatically make your ready when the installation is done. If your Windows version is not genuine, double click on the BitDefender icon to open its panel. Then click Settings > Antivirus > Vulnerability, and then from the option ‘Automatic Vulnerability Scan’, click to turn it OFF.


How do I register BitDefender without an Internet connection?

If you just purchased BitDefender and you do not have an Internet connection, you can still register BitDefender offline. To register BitDefender with your license key, follow these steps:

1. Go to a PC connected to the Internet. For example, you can use a friend's computer or a PC from a public location.

2. Go to my.bitdefender.com to create a My BitDefender account.

3. Log into your account and select Obtain offline registration.

4. Enter the license key you purchased.

5. Click Submit to obtain a confirmation code. Write down the confirmation code.

6. Go back to your PC with the confirmation code.

7. Open the BitDefender window.

8. Click the License Info link at the bottom of the window. The registration window will appear.

9. Select the option to register the product with a confirmation code.

10. Enter the confirmation code in the corresponding field and click Submit.

11. Wait until the registration process is completed and click Finish.


What is the Auto Pilot option on BitDefender?

For all the users who want nothing more from their security solution than to be protected without being bothered, BitDefender 2012 has been designed with a built-in Auto Pilot mode. While on Auto Pilot, BitDefender applies an optimal security configuration and takes all security-related decisions for you. This means you will see no pop-ups, no alerts and you will not have to configure any settings whatsoever.


In Auto Pilot mode, BitDefender automatically fixes critical issues and quietly manages:

· Antivirus protection, provided by on-access scanning and continuous scanning.

· Firewall protection.

· Privacy protection, provided by antiphishing and antimalware filtering for your web browsing.

· Automatic updates.

By default, the Auto Pilot is engaged the moment the BitDefender installation is completed. To turn the Auto Pilot on or off, open the BitDefender window and click the Auto Pilot switch on the upper toolbar.


What is the Events option on BitDefender?

BitDefender keeps a detailed log of events concerning its activity on your computer (also including computer activities monitored by Parental Control). Events are a very important tool in monitoring and managing your BitDefender protection. For instance, you can easily check if the update was successfully performed, if malware was found on your computer etc. Additionally, you can take further action if needed or change actions taken by BitDefender.


To open the Events window, open the BitDefender window and click the Events button on the upper toolbar.


What is the BitDefender Safego protection for social networks, i.e. Facebook?

You trust your online friends. But do you trust their computers? Use Safego protection for social networks to protect your account and your friends from online threats. Safego is a Facebook application developed by BitDefender to keep your social networking account safe. Its role is to scan the links you receive from your Facebook friends and monitor your account privacy settings.


Note: A My BitDefender account is required in order to use this feature.


These are its main features:

· Automatically scans the posts in your News Feed for malicious links.

· Protects your account against online threats.

· When it detects a post or a comment which is a spam, a phishing or a malware, you will receive a warning message.

· Warns your friends on suspicious links posted on their News Feed.

· Helps you build a safe network of friends using the Friend’O’Meter feature.

· Get a system safety status check provided by BitDefender Quick Scan.

To access Safego from your BitDefender product, follow these steps:

1. Open the BitDefender window.

2. Go to the Safego panel.

3. Click Activate. You will be directed to your account.

4. If you already activated Safego, you will be able to access statistics regarding its activity by clicking the View Reports button.

5. Use your Facebook login information to connect to the Safego application.

6. Allow Safego access to your Facebook account.


How do I update BitDefender?

BitDefender updates itself automatically and silently, thus you don’t need to worry about scheduling. You can also perform an update manually – from the BitDefender home panel, click ‘Update Now’.


How do I log into My BitDefender account?

If you provided an e-mail address during the installation, a confirmation e-mail was sent to the address you provided. Click the link in the e-mail to complete the registration. If you have not completed the registration, BitDefender will notify you that you need to do so.


Important: You must log into an account within 30 days after installing BitDefender. Otherwise, BitDefender will no longer update.


To create or log in to a My BitDefender account, click the Complete registration/MyBitdefender link, located at the bottom of the BitDefender window. The My BitDefender window will open. Proceed according to your situation.


HELP: I cannot connect to Internet using BitDefender!

You may notice that a program or a web browser can no longer connect to the Internet or access network services after installing BitDefender. In this case, the best solution is to configure BitDefender to automatically allow connections to and from the respective software application, see below to know how:

1. Open the BitDefender window.

2. Click the Settings button on the upper toolbar.

3. Click ‘Firewall’ on the left-side menu and then the ‘Advanced’ tab.

4. Under Firewall Rules, click ‘Application Rules’.

5. To add an application rule, click the corresponding button.

6. Click Browse and select the application the rule applies to.

7. Select all the network types available.

8. Go to Permission and select Allow.

9. Close BitDefender, open the software application and try again to connect to the Internet.


HELP: My internet is slow after installing BitDefender!

This situation may appear after you install BitDefender. The issue could be caused by errors in the BitDefender firewall configuration. To troubleshoot this situation, follow these steps:

1. Open the BitDefender window.

2. Go to the Firewall panel and click the switch to turn it off.

3. Check if your Internet connection improved with the BitDefender firewall disabled.

If you still have a slow Internet connection, the issue may not be caused by BitDefender. You should contact your Internet Service Provider to verify if the connection is operational on their side.


If the Internet connection improved after disabling the BitDefender firewall, follow these steps:

1. Open the BitDefender window.

2. Go to the ‘Firewall’ panel and click the switch to turn it on.

3. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the upper toolbar.

4. Click ‘Firewall’ on the left-side menu and then the ‘Settings’ tab.

5. Go to ‘Internet connection sharing’ and click the switch to turn it on.

6. Go to ‘Block port scans’ and click the switch to turn it off.

7. Click the Home button on the upper toolbar.

8. Go to the Firewall panel and click ‘Network details’.

9. Go to ‘Network Type’ and select Home/Office.

10. Go to ‘Stealth Mode’ and set it to Remote. Set the ‘Generic’ to Yes.

11. Close BitDefender, reboot the system and check the Internet connection speed.


How do I update BitDefender on a slow internet connection?

If you have a slow Internet connection (such as dial-up), errors may occur during the update process.

To keep your system up to date with the latest BitDefender malware signatures, follow these steps:

1. Open the BitDefender window.

2. Click the ‘Settings’ button on the upper toolbar.

3. Click ‘Update’ on the left-side menu and then the Update tab.

4. Under Update processing rules, select ‘Prompt before downloading’.

5. Click the Home button on the upper toolbar.

6. Go to the Update panel and click Update now.

7. Select only ‘Signatures updates’ and then click Ok.

8. BitDefender will download and install only the malware signature updates.


My PC is not connected to the internet, how do I update my BitDefender?

If your computer is not connected to the Internet, you must download the updates manually to a computer with Internet access and then transfer them to your computer using a removable device, such as a flash drive. Follow these steps:

1. On a computer with Internet access, open a web browser and go to: www.bitdefender.com/site/view/Desktop-Products-Updates.html

2. In the Manual Update column, click the link corresponding to your product and system architecture. If you do not know whether your Windows is running on 32 or 64 bits, please find it from your My Computer properties.

3. Save the file named weekly.exe to the system.

4. Transfer the downloaded file on a removable device, such as a flash drive, and then to your computer.

5. Double-click the file and follow the wizard steps.


How do I scan files?

The easiest and recommended way to scan a file or folder is to right-click the object you want to scan and select Scan with BitDefender from the menu. To complete the scan, follow the Antivirus Scan wizard.


How do I scan my system?

To perform a full scan on the system, follow these steps:

· Open the BitDefender window.

· Go to the Antivirus panel.

· Click ‘Scan Now’ and select ‘Full System Scan’ from the drop-down menu.

· Follow the Antivirus Scan wizard to complete the scan.


What if I lost my serial key and can’t reinstall BitDefender 2012?

We understand you might need to reinstall BitDefender 2012 as you have reinstalled your Windows. However, you are always requested to keep your license key in a safe place for future use. In case you have lost it, log in to your ‘My Bitdefender’ account from my.bitdefender.com using your provided email ID (at the time of installation), from there you can recover your serial key.


In case I face any problem, where do I contact?

Support Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Support Hotline:  (+88) 01756-709-887, 01756-709-889


Other than this FAQ section, you can also be a BitDefender expert by following the below userguides, download according to your product type.


Download BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 User Guide

Download BitDefender Internet Security 2012 User Guide

Download BitDefender Total Security 2012 User Guide


You can also post your queries, complains and suggestions on www.facebook.com/bitdefender.bangladesh




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