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Integrated Network Security, Audit and System Management

BitDefender understands that today’s Business Solutions need to go far beyond basic virus detection and prevention. It’s why our solutions are designed with the capability of implementing controls and managing policies for large numbers of endpoints and servers… all with minimal effort.

BitDefender Business Solutions are designed to cover the security needs of businesses by integrating with the most common server software and operating system.

More information is available at www.bitdefender.com/world/business

Key Features and Benefits of BitDefender Business Solutions:

  • End-to-end antimalware solution protects from the gateway to the endpoint.
  • Windows centric, Mac and Unix based platform support.
  • Award winning virus detection, cleaning and quarantine of viruses, spyware/adware, Trojans and rootkits.
  • Gateway protection for Web-based traffic inspection and cleaning.
  • Critical server protection for file and network services.
  • Comprehensive Endpoint protection with policy enforcement and management.
  • Automated remote configuration, auditing, installation, and application removal from any client or server system in the network.

Find out what’s new in version 3.5.

Proactive Protection, Centralized Management:
Organizations today are challenged with the implementation of cost effective security solutions that can keep pace with the constantly changing threat landscape, while at the same time provide the capabilities required to maintain business continuity. Developed specifically with SMB budgets and network environments in mind, BitDefender Business Solutions can help maintain operational efficiency and reduce the resources and costs associated with Internet related threats.

In addition to having one of the most effective anti-malware engines in the industry, BitDefender offers leading technologies that proactively protect against Internet threats.  Our signature- and behavior-based scanning engines are regularly acclaimed by industry analysts and independent testing labs for their detection accuracy, with minimal impact on system resources.

Meeting Today’s Security Challenges
As a company grows, the addition of new employees, systems, and applications to support business initiatives can greatly increase the number of attack vectors used by malware to infiltrate a company’s network. To maintain control and visibility into the company’s overall security posture, IT departments must put controls in place to limit the impact caused by unauthorized use of rogue applications, malicious code and Internet resources – such as Web 2.0 applications – that further expose the organization to attack.

Securing Your Business With Bitdefender
Companies can effectively protect client workstations and critical servers from attack by using BitDefender ability to detect and prevent known and zero-day threats, ensure compliance to corporate security policies and manage them effectively with fewer IT resources.

Today’s business security solutions need to go beyond basic virus detection and prevention to provide a solution capable of implementing controls and managing policy for a large number of endpoints and servers – all with minimum effort. Ideally, Antivirus management solutions should automatically install protection on unmanaged workstations and servers that appear on the network, remotely identify and remove unauthorized applications, and remotely confgure system settings to ensure the continuing integrity of the network.

BitDefender Business Solutions allow companies to:

  • Implement a unified management platform for remote installation, configuration and reporting of all.
  • BitDefender Clients, Server and Gateway products deployed throughout the network.
  • Provide IT administrators with network-wide visibility into all malware related incidents.
  • Proactively audit hardware and software assets within the network.
  • Remotely configure and manage client and server system settings.
  • Report on malware related incidents to identify infection rates and trends.
  • Measure the effectiveness of an organization’s antimalware security program.

Enhanced Network Security

  • Configurable Security Policies with pre-defined templates to aid policy enforcement.
  • Network detection of unmanaged endpoints with remote Client Security installation.
  • Consolidated reporting provides visibility into network wide security threats.
  • Centralized alerting notifies administrators of critical threats in near real-time



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